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Minéral Déco

Lime-based decorative plaster

"Natural harmony, timeless beauty: our lime-based plasters, the essence of your decor."

Interior decoration

"Create a healthy and harmonious interior, where every detail matters. Our natural products turn your decor into an oasis of well-being."

Continuous mineral coating

Walk on art every day: our continuous floor coatings, endless elegance for your interior.

Facade renovation

"Revitalize your facade with elegance and breathability. Our breathable and decorative coatings transform your exterior into a timeless masterpiece."
Minéral Deco

MORTEX® micro-mortars for your floors and bathrooms by Mineral Deco

“MORTEX® micro-mortars: the ultimate reference in continuous mineral coating for floors and wet areas. Combining aesthetics, durability, and water resistance, they transform your space with elegance.”

Discover our achievements in mineral lime-based coatings for facades. Explore our projects that combine aesthetics and durability, and find inspiration to enhance your exterior with elegance and originality.

Minéral Deco

Mineral Deco's Mineral Coatings for facade decoration and renovation

Minéral Deco

Mineral Deco's Mineral Coatings for Interior Decoration

“Discover our achievements in applying decorative mineral coatings. Immerse yourself in the world of timeless elegance and find inspiration for your next interior design project.”